Thursday, October 1, 2009

wedding and photos

photo's from kirk pace. pictures of me and my now wife. editing by me. wedding by us and our parents. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i'll be getting married here in a few weeks. i have a lot of things on my mind, a lack of nicotine in my blood, and a lot of money owed to companies and things.

i can't do anything aside from pace and think of things to write, on my xanga, my facebook, this page, and then i go to do it, write have a sentence, and then give up.

very strange. i just don't want to put the effort in.

i am now 25. time to start living life the way i always wanted to. :)

a couple things that have taken up my time recently:

Eastwood Guitars

The Appleseed Cast

Saturday, January 17, 2009

this is my life now.

i will be touring next week, so this will be updated once again!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Back on the road = back to the blog!!!

after a crazy few weeks of stolen guitars, shut off phones, overdraft fees, and speeding tickets, i cut work early and went to columbus' finest institution: the greyhound station.

an 11 hour trip can be an exciting thing for a boy of 23 years, especially when the windows are so large and ohio is so beautiful.

but, the screaming 3 year old (not screaming like sad or angry, screaming jibberish like a deaf man with terrets) the entire trip, a 12 year old smoking pot in the bathroom, the BEST tattoo i've ever seen (i didn't think that they made crayon tattoos!) which had a horrible guitar (?) with wings and underneath said gUItaR maN (if their was an "s", it would have been backwards), a man trying to talk "shop" with me about acoustic guitars while i was what i consider bus-sedated, and many stops in the weirdest parts of town imaginable (i mean really! the chillicothe greyhound station is a MARATHON gas station with a defunct food court, no restroom, and no airconditioning!), made the 76 dollars and incredible stress well worth it!

i arrived at 6:35 am to the welcoming arms of luke levesque, and then i slept in his chair and taught myself how to dance.

tonight i am meeting up with Clothing and Shoes for the first gig of our east coast tour at Starlight Cafe...

this will be an interesting tour with hopefully sufficient returns...

meaning "hopefully i don't starve".


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tour: Day Something

so, the whole chicago thing went very very well after all. met some really cool people and made a very very good friend.

i got no sleep and stella is a great show.

des moines killed me. i may never go back. i was mostly asleep, felt like i was on drugs, got barely any sleep and had a terrible terrible experience.

i left the next morning with fear and a heavy heart.

KC!!!! what a wonderful city. i absolutely love kansas city. opened for Bradley Hathoway @ the Mainstreet Cafe. denise and aaron were so good to me. sold lots of cds and had a GREAT night's sleep (finally).

dark. jesus candle. good shower. chicken pot pie.

then TACO'S at julie and courtney's.

now i am in omaha, burning discs and daylight.

i love my life. i love God. i am finally at peace. i have been shaken from my sleep by making very large mistakes, wrong turns, as well as being treated like a better person than i could ever be.

i have been trying to be a servant, and trying to not be an asshole... the latter is hard, but the first is pretty easy. it's the only thing that makes me feel good. it's the main thing that God wants.

wash feet.

wash them.

bradley read into my brain and told me things about myself without even knowing me.

i am a liar and he dug into me.

i feel clean.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


found out that i am out of money in my checking account. even though i have money on my person, my account will stay negative due to the fact that HUNTINGTON IS NOT A NATIONAL BANK!!!! (which was the first thing i asked when i opened an account. their answer: "yes! we are a national bank!" there are no locations within 200 miles of my next few stops!!!

this mega-mega-mega sucks.

Tour: Day Seven

i think i skipped a number... oh well!

i am currently sitting at the Ashbary Coffee House, waiting to play, in like, 4 hours.

i was thrust off of I-94, and with the help of my dad and a gas station, found my way back.

then i sat in traffic for a few hours.

lots of smoking. lots of little debbie cosmic brownies.

but now i am in Willow Springs, IL. wondering:
where i will sleep? will i make any money? can i afford to make it to des moines tomorrow?

only time can answer these questions.

FINGERLESS GLOVES = warm and STILL typing correctly!